Is your skin getting dry and rough lately? Dry skin is a major problem faced by people during winters and you are not the only one facing this issue. Though winter brings a lot of pleasantries like the hiking, snow riding, ice skating, but ignoring the side effects can be foolish. Winter means more skin care no matter how much lazy you feel. Cold weather, harsh winds all conspire with each other to suck moisture from your skin and make it dry. Arms and legs are the most vulnerable parts, and since the skin of the face and hands are very thin you need to give them extra care and protection as well.

Wondering how to overcome these issues?

Of course with proper care, and moisturization! Here are a few steps by step procedures through which you can keep your skin smooth and hydrated.

  • Wash your Face & Moisturize daily: For all those who are prone to dry skin avoid long baths, showers and using the sauna. Rather wash your face with a gentle face wash or natural hibiscus bar soap and moisturize it with lotions and creams suiting your skin type. Moisturizing the face and hands during the night is extremely essential as most of the repairing happens during sleep. Surf the market for best face wash and natural soap bars which suits you the best. Another trick that works perfectly with lazy bees, use a scrubber for your face thrice a week, the hard particles in the scrubber remove dead skins evenly. After scrubbing use a moisturizer for skin hydration.
  • Use Honey: If you get extremely worried during winter, using honey is the most magical and quickest remedy to get rid of dry skin. Raw honey unclogs the pores and helps you to moisturize parched skin. Timely use can cure cracked lips during winters. Here is an easy face mask that can help you in skin tone correction and moisturizing the skin. Mix teaspoon honey with a spoon full of olive oil. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice and apply it for 20 minutes to get the usual brightness, softness and glow in your face.
  • Try Glycerin Soaps: Contrary to face wash which is only meant for washing face you can wash your body using glycerin soap with a mixture of warm water for a shorter time. The benefit of using soaps made with glycerin is that it is known for moisturizing the skin and is effective for all types of skin. Using glycerin soap bars on your face is very gentle compared to other soaps, which makes it a good choice for those who have sensitive and dry skin.
  • Change up Your Diet: Changing the diet can help you stay hydrated. Intake fatty fishes that contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Nuts are rich in vitamin E and can be taken as skincare savior. You can also include avocado, sweet potato in your diet. Cook your food with olive oil, and do not miss cucumber and avocado.

Every season has some pros and cons, winter has amazing recreational activities and helps us

enjoy the house parties, and moreover, we cannot ignore the festivals. The party must go

on and you can simply get glowing skin with these tips and tricks. Follow above mentioned steps to get rid of dry skin during winter and see the changes. Happy winter!