Would you opt for vaginal douching during the period of pregnancy?

Would you opt for vaginal douching during the period of pregnancy?

Thinking on the lines of douching while pregnant. Then serious it has to be a no. what does it mean in the first place. It connotes a situation where you clean your vagina with water or other form of liquids like iodine or vinegar. The liquid is then squirt through the tube or a nozzle and then inserted into your vagina. Medical experts are of the opinion that douching is a strict no on all counts. The sad part is that a majority of woman in the age bracket of 15 to 44 years are prone to douching.

If you undertake vaginal douching once in a month, the chances to conceive decrease substantially. If you douche after sex the chances of becoming pregnant reduces substantially. Coupled with the fact that douching does increase the chance of ectopic pregnancy, that is going to make it difficult for you to be pregnant in the days to come. When you douche during pregnancy the chances of the baby arriving too soon also increase.

A lot of health problems are associated with douching. This would mean an infection in the vagina or dryness coupled with some form of irritation as well. A study did point to the fact that vaginal douching is going to increase the exposure to phthalates. These are chemicals which are normally used to soften plastics used in toys. They have a strong relation to development along with behavioural issues in kids.

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Now let us understand the reasons on what makes more prone to douche. A study was conducted in Los Angeles on 141 women and they were asked the reason on what prompted them to douche. 6 out of 10 African American women douched in the previous year and in comparison Latina women stood at 4 out of 10. So from the research it was quiet obvious that African American women are more prone to douching. What was alarming is that most of them claimed that they did learn the art from their mothers.

In spite of the pitfalls associated with douching the first major question that comes up is why women still douche. For a majority of them they felt that it was needed for good hygiene. You need to consider the fact that douching disturbs the balance of good along with bad bacteria of the vagina.

What would be the best course of action if you are planning to clean your vagina? You would need to wash the outside of it with warm water when you are bathing and from the inside let it clean itself by the process of mucus. Just be aware of the fact that a healthy vagina is not going to smell like a garden of flowers. You would need to get in touch with your doctor if you have a thick vaginal discharge with or without any form of swelling around the area of your vagina. This could also arise due to pain or urinating during sex.