Vardenafil HCl  (Savitra 20), a drug that is part of a long list of PDE 5 inhibitors that are popularly known to help treat erectile dysfunction. Basically, it works by filling the penile shaft with blood in order for the erection to take place. While these types of drugs are a godsend to men with impotence, it can’t be denied that there are also men that take the drug for sexual performance. One of it’s reiterations is a drug called Savitra 20. While the drug has been out in the market for quite some time now, its still an underdog compared to its other competitors.

Even if the drug is around for quite some time, it’s still puzzling to know why the drug doesn’t have any reviews and recommendations. Don’t get it wrong, Savitra 20 is just like any other drug that is out there on the market today, in fact even If you check the labels there’s really no sign that will indicate any red flag ingredients. With it being what it is today (mediocre), one might raise a curiosity if its just a bad ads management or its a drug made by a small time manufacturer? In Case you’re wondering because you’re interested to try out the drug, your question will be answered as you go along the article (promise).

The dosage and the price: Savitra is available in either 10 mg and 20 mg. As usual if you’re starting to take the medication, the doctor will usually recommend 10 mg, but will gradually progress as needed to 20 mg. According to, a pack of Savitra 20 which has 30 pills costs around $85, meaning each pill will cost you $2.88 which is kid priced versus its other competitors.

Buying the drug online: If you’re trying to find a place where to buy Savitra 20, for the most part, you might just be disappointed. This is because there aren’t a lot of sites that carry the drug and if you’re looking for it and found none, you might as well buy the ones that are easily available to you at that time.

The side effects: PED 5 might be tagged as a wonder drug but it doesn’t mean that its perfect. You see, the drug has been known to have some side effects that you need to watch out for. Aside from allergies, below you can find the side effects that you need to take note of because it will be a good indication on when to call for help:

  • Sudden hearing loss
  • A prolonged erection (priapism)
  • Double vision
  • Dizziness
  • Irregular heartbeats

People that should avoid the drug: The fact is that the drug is not for everybody. There are men that because of their conditions are discouraged in taking Savitra 20 and other drugs in its class because it might cause more complications to their existing conditions or disease:

  • Men with heart disease
  • Men with hepatitis
  • Men with liver problems
  • Men with bleeding disorders
  • Men with other life-threatening problems

Sabitra 20 is part of the growing drug classification called PED 5 inhibitors. Basically, these types of drugs are used to treat erectile dysfunctions. The reason why Savitra 20 doesn’t get much love from people is that the drug doesn’t have any solid reviews from its users (if there are any). If you’re interested in taking the drug versus other drugs in its class, consult an expert first.