Storing salad leaves and ingredients can often present a challenge, both for commercial caterers and in the home. Keeping your salad crisp and crunchy makes it a more attractive option, so we have looked at various ways of avoiding that wilted lettuce.

Lining the Salad Drawer

Using a tea towel to line the salad drawer and absorb excess moisture is one suggestion. This worked initially, but after two days the lettuce became limp and floppy.

Using a Plastic Zip Bag

After washing your salad leaves, roll them loosely on a paper towel and them store in a zip bag with most of the air removed. This was quite successful with some sturdy leaves, but the more delicate ones soon became limp and slimy.

Lining a Glass Bowl

Using paper towels again, a glass bowl was lined so that the moisture would be absorbed. This worked well as long as the paper towel was renewed each day and our leaves were still in good condition after six days.

Eating salad regularly is really good for constipation and can also help with weight control, according to Web MD.

Using an Air Bag

Storing washed salad leaves in a plastic produce bag that has been slightly inflated with a puff of air is another method. Exhaling a little carbon dioxide into the bag and sealing it up with an elastic band is thought to keep salad leaves fresh for a week, but in practice they only remained in tip-top condition for about three days.

Storing Leaves in a Salad Spinner

In a domestic situation you can try using the salad spinner as usual to wash your salad leaves and spin out all the excess water. Then, instead of storing them in a bag or container, leave the salad in the spinner complete with its lid and store the whole thing in the fridge. This kept all the salad leaves crisp and green (or red), and the only disadvantage was the amount of room it took up in the fridge.

Of course, commercial caterers will find that investing in a saladette counter such as those available from will mean that their produce stays fresh for customers as long as necessary.

Keeping your salad crisp and tasty is just one way to enhance your reputation for quality food.