What Does a Psychotherapist Really Do?

What Does a Psychotherapist Really Do?

The Meaning and Roles of A Psychotherapist

A psychotherapist is a technical term commonly known as a counselor or therapist. They are licensed mental health professionals and offer a form of therapy that helps individuals cope and overcome tough situations, as well as guide you on your road through treatment. They work together with you and your other healthcare team of professionals, to help you strive.

Roles of A Psychotherapist

Who Can a Psychotherapist Help?

Psychotherapists offer a very effective form of treatment for those suffering from mental disorders and other issues in your life. These disorders include, but are not limited to, depression, Stress, Anxiety, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Behavioral Disorders, Personality Disorders, Addiction Disorders, and PTSD. They help individuals as well as families and couples. Even if you just want vent and have someone to talk to. We all need someone in life to vent to about life and its stressors that it brings.

Ways Psychotherapists Can Help You

Psychotherapists help you understand and become more knowledgeable about your condition(s). They help you cope with grieving, depression, and everyday stressors. As well as overcoming substance abuse. They are very supportive and non-judgmental. Letting the client feel more comfortable and at ease to speak freely about their issues. They usually start by analyzing on what you say and do. By doing this, they can give you better strategies to help guide you. They help you find your strengths rather than concentrating on your weaknesses. This giving you more help onto have confidence in yourself. Psychotherapists also give you ideas for problem-solving strategies and teach you life skills to help guide you.

What Psychotherapists Can Not Do

There are things Psychotherapists cannot legally do. They are not licensed to diagnose or prescribe medications. However, they can give recommendations to your other healthcare professionals with your consent only. They can only share your health information with given consent. Unless they feel you are a threat to yourself or others. They refer and give recommendations to a Psychiatrist or family physician for a medication evaluation and diagnoses. You and your healthcare team work together, to help with your treatment.


Psychotherapists are a great add-on to your treatment plan. An effective form of treatment. Giving you knowledge, coping strategies, skills, support, and someone to just vent to. You don’t have to struggle through life or feel alone with your conditions. They can give referrals to other healthcare professionals for diagnosis and medications. With the help of a psychotherapist and other healthcare professionals, you can learn and have ease living your life to its fullest potential. If you can relate to any of the disorders, conditions, or issues; A Psychotherapist may be able to help you become a better you.