Pregnancy is a time when you will face some unpleasant changes. The problems with nerves would continue to bother you for a reasonable period of time and this can even extend once the pregnancy is over. You can resort to the use of medicine for neurological disorders during pregnancy. This would provide you with a considerable degree of relief. Just like neurological disorders in pregnancy you need to be aware on what are the pregnancy symptoms that might arise. Let us now observe these symptoms in a nutshell

Leg cramps

The leg cramps can emerge in the middle of the night. It is caused in the manner by which the body goes on to process calcium.

In order to deal with this situation, fret your feet up, gentle relaxation of the muscles and some mild exercises.


Nearly 20 % of women do face up with this symptom when you are pregnant. Normally it takes place on the abdomen but it can have an impact on the soles or the palms. The stretching skin is responsible for it and any pregnancy hormones that are there would disappear on its own once the delivery is over.

The best way on how you can deal with this situation would be to take hot baths. You can also opt for a gentle soap.

Morning sickness

This symptom usually occurs during the course of the day and happens all the more during the first trimester of pregnancy. It does go on to end by the time you touch the second trimester of pregnancy.

You can go on to minimize it by opting for bland food. Do not lie down after eating and opt for smaller meals during the course of the day.


It is ok to face up to some small level of swelling when you are pregnant. This would be all the more so in the feet, ankles along with the face.

To prevent this you might have to drink plenty of water and keep the feet elevated.

Leaking or frequent urination

The baby is going to push down the muscles of the pelvic floor, bladder or the urethra. This would enhance the urge to urinate and leaking at a considerable level.

No option rather than heading to the bathroom and opting for Kegel exercises.

Stretch marks along with a host of other skin problems

Stretch marks do appear when the skin is stretched and it becomes red, pink or brown in colour. This takes place in the abdomen, breasts or the thighs. This tends to take place during the second trimester of pregnancy and some women may face unusual symptoms like darkening of the nipples. In case of some women they might notice a dark line that would emerge from their belly button to the pubic hairline. Darker patches could also emerge at this point of time. The best part is that all these symptoms will fade on its own once your pregnancy is over.