The basic facts associated with douching

The basic facts associated with douching

According to estimates available nearly 30 % of women are into active douching at any point of time. This is all the more in the age bracket of 15 to 44 years as most women claim to douche. In comparison to the Latin women higher rates are witnessed in the American women. One of the main reasons why women claim to douche is that not only it helps them to get rid of unwanted smell, but makes them a lot fresher as well. It washes away the menstrual blood after their monthly cycles, avoids chances of sexually transmitted diseases and after intercourse prevents pregnancy.

But health experts do feel that douching is not effective for such purposes. They feel that it could lead to an increase of pregnancy complications, pave way for a rise in infections with a host of other health problems.

The definition of douching?

In French the word douche means to soak or wash. With a mixture of water along with vinegar or other liquid you end up washing your vagina. The douches that you come across in the stores do contain a host of fragrances and antiseptics. They are normally available in a bag or tube and sprayed via the medium of a tube upward into the vagina.

A lot of women state that douching in pregnancy makes them a lot cleaner. But very little scientific evidence exists in order to support this claim.

The disadvantages you encounter with douching

Some of the disadvantages associated with douching are as follows

  • Vaginal infections- with douching the natural balance of bacteria in your vagina is altered. What happens is that an environment is created that favours for the development of bacteria which thrive big time. Research does points to the fact that women who did go on to stop douching have lesser chances of suffering from bacterial infections. At the same time it does go on to increase the chances of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • PID- this is a disorder that arises due to the infection of your uterus, ovaries or the fallopian tubes. Research once again points to the fact that women who douche have a 73 % chance of suffering from PID
  • Cervical cancer- if you are into douching once in a week it does increase the chances of cervical cancer
  • Pregnancy complications- women who go on to douche more than once in a week do find it difficult to become pregnant in comparison to women who do not douche. By a margin of 76 % the chances of ectopic pregnancy rises as well. This is a type of pregnancy where the embryo implants outside the uterus. More a woman is into douching the greater chances of this type of pregnancy occurring.

To conclude, as per the view point of health experts you should stop douching on an immediate basis. This is taking into consideration the fact whether you are pregnant or non-pregnant. A simple washing of your vagina with hot water when you bath is more than enough.