Everyone is conscious about their health. There are a lot of ways through which a person can improve their health. Beverages are one of the many choices one could take to solve their health problem. The most common types of beverages are tea and coffee. Both haveits own advantages that make people fall in love with them. However, the confusion lieson which to prefer among the two, as both are pretty awesome and simple to brew. Let us see the benefits one has over the other and make a clear choice out of them.


The taste is the first thing that humans look to differentiate between the two products. If the taste is good, then the product is good for that individual; and if the taste is not good, he is not probably going to recommend it to others. Hence, the sole reason to accept and reject depends on the taste of the product.

Coffees are harvestedall around the world and hence every places coffee differs. Because of the same, the taste coffee differs depending on the region the coffee is made. However, to take a generaltaste, the coffee tastes bitter. For some they love the taste and call it incredible while some they hate the bitter taste, no doubt, they don’t call coffee bad just that they don’t like it. However, the fact is coffee is more acidic than tea. It causes heartburns, acid and other stomach problem in many.

Tea, however, does not have any of the problems mentioned in coffee. Tea is awesome in taste. While some types of tea are hard, some are light but they all taste quite good.

Caffeine content

Caffeine is said to be good for a healthy body. This is the reason that most people drink tea. While caffeine helps the body by blocking the signalling of the brains that says it’s time to sleep. Well for some durations that are well and good as sleep takes the interest away from a job. However, too much Caffeine can give you insomniac. Well, I am sorry to say that coffee contains a lot of Caffeine. Hence too much of coffee can make take all your sleep away whereas sleep is the most essential thing to get the day going smoothly.

Tea, on the other hand, contains less amount of caffeine. Less caffeine is good for the brain as it activates the brain activities. Tea also stabilizes the sleep and unlike coffee, it doesn’ttake it away.


 Both are beverages are fine, if it suits your body. Tea is known to be the best for health-related issues. Among the teas is amla green tea that has many benefits that are noticed instantly.