There are many health problems that emerge because of water pollution. If there is supply of dirty water in your house or office; you have to take an action right away. You cannot afford to have health issues or problems because of consumption of dirty water.

There are many health problems that you might be inviting because of dirty water. Some of the health problems are listed below:


It is a combination of abdominal cramps, nausea coupled with intense diarrhoea. In cases of severe dysentery, you might also experience a high fever and pinches of blood in the faecal matter. There are two kinds of dysentery and these are like bacillary dysentery which is caused by bacteria and Amoebic dysentery that is caused by amoebae. When either of these is swallowed through contaminated water or food, you might end up developing dysentery within an incubation period of four days.


It is an acute viral infection that is caused by a virus that passes through water from the faeces of an ill individual. Such a disease affects the central nervous system. Once a person contracts this virus, they suffer from extreme fever, headache, and even seizures, followed by even paralysis. So, if you are taking water consumption lightly you need to be little more careful.

Typhoid Fever

Around the world annually, nearly twelve million people get affected by Typhoid fever. This type of infection is caused by Salmonella Typhoid bacteria. This ailment is contracted by consuming contaminated water or food. The bacteria do pass through your intestinal tract and can be recognized in stool samples. The symptoms of this issue can be like nausea, loss of appetite, and even headache.So, if you always take precautions at the time of eating food but not consuming water; time is to be careful about water consumption too.

Lead poison

Lead poisoning is caused because of consumption of water dirty with lead, mostly coming from old pipes as well as the surface water pollution. It is a disease that is particularly harmful to kids and can cause a number of health issues, like organ damage, anaemia, nervous system disorders, high blood pressure, problems with the reproductive system and kidney disease. So, if you want that your kids stay safe and far from this ailment, you have to be careful about the water that gets supplied in your house. If you think that the local municipal committee is taking precautions to offer clean and hygienic water then you are right. But the precautions they take often get really dangerous. They sometimes unknowingly put extensive chlorine for cleanliness of water and this is not really good for the drinkers. Over consumption of chlorine and other chemicals is not good for your health.


So, when you can take advantage of RO Care India and bring home some really effective tools for water cleanliness, you should take such steps. Once you are sure about the water getting supplied in your house and office; you can ensure safe health.