Morphine is one of the widely used drugs by drug abusers. It is a drug of opiate variety and therefore carries a high potential for addiction. Moreover, it is the most potent opioid. Though first synthesized by German pharmacist Friedrich Sertürner in 1817 as a medicine for pain soon became the cause of very first drug epidemic in the world. Opioids are so effective because they interact with neurons in the brain and enhance the reward response of the brain.

Medication Changing into Addiction

The opioid analgesic drug induces the sensations of euphoria and relaxation and for that reason has been used to treat severe pain. Therefore the very same phenomenon can create a dependency that is known as addiction, even with the prescription drug.That is the person can get immune to the morphine and with the continuous use, can crave for more to satisfy the body.

It can compel the patient to strive for more and more by developing additional patterns on the brain with the overdose of the drug. These properties of the morphine has led to the illicit trade of the drug among the drug user. Hence other than the distribution of morphine under legal brand names Avinza, MS Contin, Kadian and Oramorph morphine is also distributed illegally by street names Morf, Mister Blue, Dreamer, First Line, God’s Drug, MS, Morpho, Emsel and Unkie.

There are always signs before someone completely falls into addiction. Moreover, certain people are more vulnerable to addiction than others. Therefore, even prescription morphine can change into addiction and can be lethal as well. But there are some symptoms that show the side effects of the drug or indicate the misuse tohelp you realize that whether you are falling for the addiction or not.


Pinpoint pupils, confusion, nausea and vomiting, loss of consciousness, lowered blood pressure, gastrointestinal disturbances, and Cyanosis. Additional symptoms are irritated skin or blue tint to lips and fingernails, dizziness, difficulty breathing, weak pulse/poor circulation, and extreme drowsiness.  Moreover, constipation is one of the most prominent symptoms indicating the misuse or overdose of the drug. As morphine affects the metabolism and slows the digestion process.

The overdose, misuse or un-prescribed use of the drug can cause several severe effects on the mental and physical health of the person. Hence it leads to the extent of coma and even death.

Effects of Morphine Abuse

 Learning about the effects of the morphine abuse may help you to cure yourself and our loved ones by referring them to a physician or a rehab center.  Morphine abuse causes some noticeable changes. Some of the health changes are sleep apnea, reduced sex drive discontinuous episodes of awareness and unconsciousness, unstable immune system, delusions, urinating complications, and increased risk of blood-borne disease. Furthermore, there some prominent mental as well as social effects like lacking concentration and willpower, isolation from friends and family, stealing, lack of cleanliness and changing the social circle.

Hence there are several or symptoms and effects of the morphine abuse that can even cause a life of a person. Therefore, immediate response to such situation is to seek a physician or a rehabilitation center.