Meditation in India

Meditation in India

India is known to be the beginning of meditation as the people here were spiritually motivated to do so. Spiritual or religious leaders in India used to advice their followers to find peace of mind and spiritual enlightenment using many different meditation techniques. Meditation in India is not known by the same name in India. For example some people call it as mindfulness, some call it as Vipassana, or transcendental meditation and others call it as Japa meditation in which 108 Buddhist prayer beads are used to count prayers or some other spiritual divine names when meditating etc. But the purpose for someone to engage in these activities is more or less the same which is to find peace, to improve wellness, to cultivate the mind and to keep you on track where your concentrations are concerned. Not all techniques of meditation are suitable for everybody. Everyone has different attitude toward different things and not everybody’s body needs the same treatment. So there is a need to know about which meditation to practice for better or even best results.

Famous Meditation technique:

From many meditation techniques, mindfulness is very popular in India. Usually beginners are advised to practice this meditation technique. This techniques usually requires someone to just concentrate on the current situation and be very aware of the circumstances around him and to experience all those circumstances around him. These circumstances may consist of some visual effects like staring at mountains, listening to some kind of music, breathing smoothly or even feeling some sensations like walking. This technique helps one in refreshing his mind and make his concentration better.

Another meditation technique is also very popular in India, which is known as Japa or mantra meditation. Japa meditation means to practice repetition of Sanskrit mantras, divine names or spiritual or religious prayers when doing meditation. You can chant these mantras out loud, whisper them softly, or chant them silently in your head. In this technique, Buddhists often advice to keep doing this practice of repetition on a 108 Buddhist prayer beads Mala which helps you count the religious words when one is praying or the divine names he is saying while meditating. Buddhist meditation beads have 108 beads in it along plus a master bead called a “guru bead” or “meru bead” which helps the person praying in counting the wordsand to give a start and end to the 108 Buddhist prayer bead.