The fame for green tea is one among those people who are health conscious. It is considered as the darlings of the tea world. Matcha is a type of green tea. It is stone-ground and is a traditional drink in Japan. At present, it has made its spatter in the United States. It is splashed in coffee shops and juice bars across the US. It is not only sold, an awareness of its health benefits such as weight loss is also done.  Matcha is a product of

  • Uniqueness,
  • Antioxidant-rich and health-promoting beverage
  • It can be incorporated if you have a weight loss plan.

Though matcha is a type of green tea, we need to know differences between the matcha powder and green tea leaves.

Matcha versus Regular Green Tea

Camellia sinensis plant, a plant from which both matcha and regular green tea is prepared. So all other kinds of green teas are prepared from. So your question now may be what’s the big deal and difference when they come from the same plant? Isn’t it? One of the significant benefits of matcha is the method they are processed.  The preparation method of Matcha is, the leaves are dried and grounded using stone mills. This results in a fine powder.

Since the matcha powder is prepared into a fine powder, the beverage at your local coffee shop will contain 100 percent of the tea leaf. This does not match the preparation method of a regular green tea. During the process of green tea preparation, the leaves are steeped in water. Thus the nutrients come from what leaches out into the liquid. When you consume matcha, you drink the leaf in the whole form. You get the more concentrated form of nutrients from the plant. Hence they aren’t water-soluble.

Now we have known the basic differences between the matcha powder and green tea. They differ only in the method of preparation. Now let us know the relevance of matcha tea in the effective weight loss method.

Matcha Tea and Weight Loss

The green tea contains one of the major components: antioxidant. The antioxidant is EGCG. This is the key element that is related to potential weight loss benefits. Matcha consists of more antioxidant than it is present in regular green tea.

The EGCG concentration in matcha is three times greater than in regular green tea, reveals the “Journal of Chromatography”.

It boosts your metabolism during moderate-intensity exercise. A small study suggested that it enhances weight loss. Green tea extract has also increased fat-burning capabilities. It increases by 17 percent when engaged in cycling exercise for 30 minutes.

Matcha Health Benefits

The matcha contains rich polyphenol compounds. This component in matcha helps lower the risk of chronic diseases when added to your diet. The chronic diseases are diabetes, osteoporosis, and cancer. As your age grows, they help to keep your brain healthy. As well as the presence of plant polyphenols play a significant role in heart health. They prevent arteries from hardening which is medically termed as “atherosclerosis,” This result in the arteries to narrow and become clogged and may cause the heart attack or stroke. Polyphenols increase good cholesterol. They reduce inflammation and improve circulation in your arteries.  Thus they protect your heart by preventing blood clots.

Incorporating Matcha

Don’t wait for the change. Change doesn’t come; change should be created. Specifically, when it is concerned about your health. Stop drinking tea or coffee. Replace your morning cup of tea/coffee with matcha tea. This wills the best thing to incorporate your weight loss plan. To implement weight loss plan, drink matcha tea between meals.