There are many workout programs out there today and some of them have actually proved to be effective for the intended purpose: helping you to build great and impressive looking muscle. However, rarely will you get an immediate result from any of them; they work overtime and not overnight. If you desire to develop a muscle as huge as that of Ethan Townsend, then you can trust Focus T25 for that purpose. Focus T25 is one of the best workout programs  for muscle building and some of its unique features will be mentioned below.

What is Focus T25?

Time is one factor that prevents many people from engaging in a workout. However, Focus T25 removes this excuse entirely so that you can build muscles without much stress. The workout program is designed to help you build that desired muscle without spending much time on the process.  The program will only require 25 minutes of your time; you will agree that 25 minutes is not too much. What is more, you do not have to go through the workout session every day. Dedicating 25 minutes to your workouts about 5 times in a week will not be too much. Be that as it may, you must dedicate the entire 25 minutes to the workout daily to get the desired result. If you are faithful to its dictates, it is a question of time before you build muscle as big and strong as that of Ethan Townsend.

The ease afforded by this workout program means anyone can do it and get the desired result from it.  Even if you live an active lifestyle, sparing just 25 minutes per day should not be too much.

How does it work?

The workout program is in two phases with a third phase added as a bonus. The two phases are the Alpha phase and Beta Phase, which are both composed in the Base Kit.  The Gamma Phase is the third phase but included separately from the Base Kit.  The Alpha phase is the foundational workout and it builds the core, endurance, and foundation. A good understanding of the Alpha phase will help you to handle the Beta phase perfectly. The first two phases will take up to 10 weeks.

The Gamma phase is the advanced phase and you can buy it separately if you can handle the extra pressure.  The Gamma phase requires an extra five weeks apart from the 10 weeks required for the first two phases.  Consequently, the three phases will require a total of 15 weeks.


If you follow the direction of use of this procedure, it is a question of time before you become as muscular as Ethan Townsend. The unique features make it very easy to use and you can understand how it works without much pressure.