Biking has numerous benefits for the person, it helps to circulate the body functions and also achieve the much-needed fitness level. The doctors all over the world today recommend that people living in urban areas should go biking regularly. The daily routine of these people has increased the incidence of risk of various diseases. Moreover, obesity today has become a persistent problem in almost every country and there is nothing better than biking to reduce your weight. As obesity lately has been associated with a number of diseases, therefore, it has been recommended that people can reduce of suffering from any kind of disease with biking.

The people living in urban areas are mostly working individuals with tight weekly schedules and increased number of working hours. In this scenario, finding time to work out on a daily basis becomes difficult. The best option for them is to go for home recumbent exercise bike; these bikes can give all the benefits of riding an upright bike and much more than that. Recumbent biking gives you the freedom to work at home and at any time. It only takes a little space in your home but its benefits far outweigh the amount spent on it and the space utilized by it.

There are many home recumbent exercise bikes, a few of them are discussed below:

  1. Expeuritic 900XL: if you are looking for a quality product at low cost, go for this bike. When talking about comfort, this bike offers a wider area of the seat and added to it also has an adjustable handlebar. You can use it while leaning back or at front. Due to its handlebars, you can work out for a longer time on this bike, which is absent in various other home recumbent exercise bikes.
  2. Schwinn 230: a better option among the various Schwinn bikes, the Schwinn 230 provides a number of features at a relatively lower cost. It has an engaging LCD display along with a tracker. Moreover, this bike is also suitable for senior citizens as the comfort level of this bike allows them to exercise easily.
  3. Nautilus R616: when compared to other Nautilus home recumbent exercise bike, this bike comes with an enhanced Eddy Current Braking mechanism. The price of this bike is also lower than other models. Its smooth functioning and precision working mechanism gives a smooth riding experience which allows you to enjoy music and your favorite tv shows while riding it.
  4. ProForm 440 ES: this bike is a combination of technology and sturdiness. With its various tracking features, a tablet holding area and an inbuilt workout schedule the ProForm 440 ES is a priced in the middle among other home recumbent exercise bikes. For muscle toning of the body, or to lose weight or even for cardio exercises this bike can do it all. A tech-savvy bike, it comes with handlebar pulse sensors, iFit, and various workout routines.