When it comes to an ACL Reconstruction surgery, it usually works just fine and gives positive results. However everything comes down to that one thing, which is how well you can heal and if you keep following the healing programme as prescribed by your doctor. The doctor will also let you know if you can or cannot return to high risk sports which you were once into. Again, even this procedure comes down to how well you follow your rehabilitation programme.

Doctors recommend around 6-8 months of rehabilitation is a must before you return to an even minimal activity routine.

Risks associated with the surgery:

  1. Bleeding
  2. Blood clotting
  3. Infection
  4. Loss of an extensive range of motion.
  5. Slow healing of the ligament or failure of the same.
  6. Pain in the knees and feeling very weak when you walk.

Usually these problems occur because the patient tries to fasten the recovery process by doing things he’s strictly advised against at the  onset of the procedure. In order to have a great recovery, make sure that you follow everything your surgeon says, right to the T.

After the surgery

Although you can go home on the same day as your surgery is done, however recovering completely from an an anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction surgery is not an easy or a quick process. More important than the acl reconstruction cost in india is how advanced it is.

From the time you first go through the surgery to the time you’re completely healed and rehabilitated, you will spend up to six months or more taking care of yourself and not exerting yourself at all. Everything needs to be  taken in a slow and steady way, even shaking your legs incessantly. You need to take things in an easy way so that the muscles around the knee recover and get strengthened on time and you can regain your range of motion in no time.

Call the doctor 

Calling the doctor for every minor inconvenience is completely okay when it comes to such a major surgery. Infant not reaching out to your physician may lead to a problem that could leave you with permanent damage. Any sign of infection or slow healing means that you should call your doctor.

Some important things you must look for:

  1. Blood seeping through the bandages and soaking it.
  2. Yellow or white coloured discharge coming out of a should be healing incision.
  3. Pain and swelling in the calf.
  4. A fever that’s not coming down and is above 101°
  5. Painkillers don’t help in lessening the pain.

Make sure that you don’t rush into any activity thinking that some amount of activity will actually aid the muscle building process  because it won’t. A healing knee will need a lot of rest hence you need to be patient with it and not speed up the recovery process by doing something or the other. Get yourself a help at home and get your ego down and start asking for favours. Keep up with your regular meetings with the doctor so that even if something is out of place, he will let you know what’s wrong immediately.