Are babies blessed with knee caps when they are born?

Are babies blessed with knee caps when they are born?

In case if there is a toddler in your home you would be pretty clear about things. If you have gone on to observe them you would find that walking and standing are possible a long time earlier. This would be before braking or steering. This brings us to the question do baby have knee caps when they are born. The babies are propelled by legs which do have their own navigational pulses and they tend to bounce of tables and chairs. You ought to be aware of the fact that the early stages of toddling is about crashes and falls.

In addition their greatest liberty would be the fact that this keeps on ticking and ticking. There are not bothered by anything until and unless you react with a sense of fear. They are right back on their steps and go on to reach the next object which reaches out to them. In terms of toddling knees will take a major chunk of the damage as well. You can say that they are designed for it. They are soft, tender and give a slippery feeling when you go on to touch it. Whatever may be your age, be it 2 or 100, the knees do the hard work in getting you all around the place. It does happen to be an important joint and it does form when the tibia, femur and the patella meet.

Find answering to the question does baby have knee caps. Yes seems to be the answer and it would just mean they are a bit softer than yours. When it is the case of children or babies, the bones have to be really strong so that they go on to support the body. At the same time it has to be soft in nature so that the process of growth continues. Till the point of adulthood when the bone does reach the final stage. You can say that it is a combination of soft cartilage and hard bone. Here the knee caps are no exception to this rule. When it concerns the knee cap or the patella of a new born it is incorporated fully of cartilage. Once you reach the age gap of 3 to 5 years, hard bone does tend to emerge in the region of the patella. This does tend to emerge in irregular patches. All these small patches of bone expand and in the years to come develop in a large manner.

By the age of 12 years a firm knee cap is being incorporated as well. You ought to be aware of the fact that a lot of cartilage still remains in place. It would mean that it continues the patella to grow through the period of adulthood. In the later stages of your adulthood all these bone patches go on to spurt in expansion. Then the whole cartilage is being replaced. Eventually it does result in a pair of strong knee caps.