Treating diarrhea in pregnant women

Treating diarrhea in pregnant women

Diarrhea is not affected by every pregnant woman. After its onset, providing treatment becomes difficult. No fixed period is present about its occurrence, since it may affect during the initial, mid or the final trimester. In case, mucus or blood is found in the stool, then it can become all the more complicated and life threatening when compared to the normal type disorder. A common problem that is faced by expectant mothers is constipation. However, diarrhea may occur without any prior information. Fortunately, it is possible to prevent this ailment by following proper diet and healthy lifestyle.

Food intake

Wrong dietary habits and overeating is considered to be the most important factors associated with this ailment. Food amount is to be cut considerably as safely possible without causing any harm to self or the baby growing inside, who requires continuous nourishment to enjoy faster growth. Pregnancy digestion medicine should be taken with great caution and after getting recommendation from the physician only.


If conditions are found not to be controlled with diet, then drugs and antibiotics are prescribed to treat this ailment. Antihistamines, vitamin B6 supplements, meclizine, dimenhydrinate and diphenydramine can help provide relief from vomiting, nausea and other associated disturbances. The physician is to be consulted to determine if cause is strong antibiotics or high potency drugs. Herbal formula can be taken or the medicines having minimal side effects to be replaced immediately.

Lifestyle modifications

It is necessary for the pregnant woman to stay stress free, since mental tensions may lead towards poor digestion and enhanced intestinal motility among sensitive people. Taking an evening stroll or morning walk can help her to be fresh and avoid regurgitation of ingested food. Also, proper rest will be necessary. Light relaxation therapy can prove to be just great to stay calm. Moreover, the pregnant woman should perform meditation and yoga, but under the strict supervision of a qualified and experienced instructor. This will help improve overall fitness of the fetus as well as the mother. Dizziness can be reduced and nerves soothed, if aroma therapy is availed every evening and morning.

Proper diet plan

It becomes essential for every pregnant woman to follow a strict and well planned diet plan. This will help to provide cure stomach and other related issues and also prevent it from taking place in the future. Medical assistance should also be availed on time and epilepsy medicine during pregnancy is to be taken if the person suffers from this particular ailment.

Extra calories are to be taken for the small one growing inside the womb. But it should not be overdone. The food portions are to be checked that is derived during every meal. Getting pregnant will not mean the person having to take diets like giants for feeding the baby. This will only be harmful to both the mother and the child. Sufficient spacing is to be given in between two meals to allow proper and complete digestion. At times, fluid or liquid diet will provide the best solution instead of taking solid things to help the stomach to be at rest.