Some Of The Most Amazing Mutton Dishes You can find In India

Some Of The Most Amazing Mutton Dishes You can find In India

If you are an Indian non-vegetarian, mutton certainly figures high in your list of favourites. Starting from the taste to the aroma, everything about mutton is special. If you are a mutton lover, just as so many other non-vegetarian eaters are, then these following mutton recipes found and loved in India will sure make you drool and crave for them-

Malvani Mutton Recipe

This amazing mutton recipe is prepared in the Malwani style, because of which it has got its name. It’s a mutton dish that tickles the taste buds of mutton lovers who prefer moderately spicy food.

Mutton Roast Recipe

If you are looking for a spicy and tangy flavor, then trying out this mutton recipe would be the best bet. One thing you need to keep in mind is that this recipe is extremely easy to prepare.

Kerala Style Mutton Chilli Fry Recipe

Keralites love their mutton this way. This mutton recipe is packed in flavours and is fiery.

Mutton Masala Recipe

It’s a spicy mutton curry that goes beautifully with rice as well as chapatti. It has a thick consistency and is considerably easy to prepare.

Mutton Pickle Recipe

So, you love pickles and you love mutton too. Why not blend the two together! Are we serious? Yes, we absolutely are. Mutton pickles are eaten and prepared with fervor across India. Although such pickles can be stored for a long time, they definitely are an unusual yet important mutton recipe. The best thing about this amazing condiment is that you can have it with almost anyfood. Trust us- even with mutton curry! Just like the difference in the ways in the ingredients used, there is difference in how different communities prepare mutton pickle.

Mutton Seekh Kebab Recipe

Kebabs are one of the most amazing mutton dishes we have in India. And that is why they deserve a mention here. There are various techniques and ingredients using which this dish may be prepared. Although there are many main ingredients like paneer, soya etc. which may be used to prepare kebabs, nothing can beat the taste that mutton offers.

Tandoori Mutton Recipe

Tandoori mutton will confuse a lot of people as the name comprises a lot of different recipes including tandoori boti, tandoori mutton tikka, or tandoori mutton chops. Are you wondering which out of these are we talking about? Well, we are talking about all of these. All tandoori mutton recipes are delicious and are anIndian favourite.

Mutton Do Pyaza Recipe

This delicious dish is made with a lot of onions, yogurt and spices. It is scrumptious and is not that difficult to cook. If you add nuts to the recipe, the taste will simply double.

Mutton Cutlet Recipe

Mutton cutlets are out-and-out popular across India, and they make for an amazing evening time snack item. This is a dish made from minced mutton and spices.

Aren’t these some of the most amazing mutton dishes found and popular in India? Well, why not! So, the next time you feel like trying out some mutton dish, pick one of these.