With many people opting to change to vape pens, the market is changing drastically. Both new and existing users of vape pens are always looking for the best vape pen and its best accessories. While there are plenty of manufacturers of vape pens, not all of them are manufactured in the same way. The best one of course should be made from best quality materials to get the best results that are close to a real cigarette in order to get the best satisfying experience. So, here are some points to remember that should help you choose higher quality vape pens which are the best in quality.

Things present in a best vape pen:

The first most important thing is to get the closest vape possible, which is only possible with a good atomizer that has a good quality coil and battery along with a quality e-liquid. So, here are some keen points that one must look for as you look for a quality vape pen.

  1. Coil: As the coil is the one that heats up the e-liquid to convert it into vapor, it is essential to have a quality material used as a coil. Apart from this, upon the heating of coil, if a low quality material is used, there is a chance of nicotine being converted into harmful substances. And no one wants that. Hence, many good vape pen manufacturers claim to use Titanium for this as it is safe. However, all Titanium atomizers are made of different types of Titanium alloys. While Grade1 and grade 2 titanium alloys are the best. Hence, you must check for the grade of titanium being used on the vape pen. Another indication for the quality of titanium is the percentage of iron in the alloy. High quality titanium will have very less percentage of iron, like in grade 2 which can be between 0 to 0.30% of iron.
  1. Battery: One must also know the concept of temperature control. While only a few companies manufacture batteries that can control the temperature, there are many others who claim that feature too. Overheating the e-liquid will result in loss of flavors. So, the point is all about holding on to the button on the vaporizer to increase the temperature increases.
  1. Some parts of the vape pen have a Teflon coating. But science has revealed that on heating, Teflon can cause some health issues. Hence, you have to be sure not to have a Teflon coating on nay parts of your vape pen.
  1. Atomizer: Alloys like Titanium, copper, ceramic or quartz are usually used to make an atomizer. Of these, quartz atomizers are considered for efficiency and taste, ceramic is considered safe but gives less vape and Titanium for taste. Prefer an atomizer as per your choice.


Higher quality vape pens must have its parts made from good quality material. And hence, it is important to know the purpose and result of using a particular type of alloy in a vape pen.