To a certain extent, it is possible to lose weight with Deca Durabolin. The drug is commonly used for cutting cycles. It is celebrated for weight-gaining properties, and Deca can be a valuable tool for burning fat. The drug acts slowly like an injectable compound that is particularly popular for female bodybuilders as it is not a harsh one compared to other drugs.

Deca Durabolin for Fat Loss

Using a steroid doesn’t mean you don’t need to exercise. The Test and Deca cutting phase facilities to weight loss and when you use the drug with dieting and exercise, it will help you much better.

Workout and exercising help accelerate weight loss as steroid increase the energy and help burn fat and build lean muscle mass. When you look forward to losing weight and fat, you need to be aware of the fact that you can experience muscle gain that helps you in the process with small steroid doses.

Dosage of Weight Loss

Deca Durabolin is one of the flexible and versatile anabolic steroids in the market in terms of dosages and applications. The potential drawback is in the length of time that is required for running it. This makes it necessary for taking it in longer cycles than other steroids in the market as it has a long Decanoate ester that provides longer half-life.

Due to this, the high optimal blood plasma levels are required for more time to reach and retain the idea level – around 8 to 10 weeks for losing weight. It is sad to see that the effects of weight loss are hard to see till you go into the later weeks of your cycle. There are stages of consuming Deca Durabolin and they are different dosages. For the beginners, the dosages range from 300 to 500 mg every week.

The intermediate users don’t veer over the beginner’s range and many of them maintain 500 mg of maximum dosages. The advanced users don’t have stick to this level and can go high over 600 to 800 mg range. Deca Durabolin has a half-life of around 15 days and you must take it twice a week and spread it apart to have stable blood plasma level.

Deca Durabolin Effects

Deca promotes retention of nitrogen and is an anabolic steroid, it allows the drug to lose fat while preserving the lean tissues. To most people, consuming the drug with few calories than what you usually burn can put you at risk. Irrespective of how well you plan your diet. Deca Durabolin helps you lose fat and maintains lean muscle mass as well.


When you use Deca Durabolin, you will get an extra boost of energy that leaves you with the feeling of being more active. Some people feel a certain form of aggression and that is likely to make them push themselves beyond limits. The exercise phase can help push you harder, make the better record and your make gym regimens feel easier.

The Test and Deca cutting phase helps better muscle growth, increase body performance, lower body fat and promote weight loss, add immunity, improve transportation of oxygen, reduce pain in joints, and more.