Anavar is one of the most popular steroids that are present in the market. It has been used in the development of the different types of the muscles in body helping to contribute to the lean looks. The reason behind this is people have often considered the use of the steroid in the cutting cycle. It is generically known as oxandroloneandis marketed by various pharmaceutical companies across the world. It is important for a person to understand that effects and dosage of the drug to get the best benefits of use without any negative effect on the body.

Anavar reviews

One of the most reviewed drugs in the many steroid forums is Anavar. It has been used especially by the bodybuilders as well as athletes to get an increase in the lean muscle mass in the body at the end of the bulking cycle. It is a kind of an anabolic androgenic steroid that is used in the development of the different muscles in the body. Oxandrolone is a mild steroid and can be easily used by the men as well as the female athletes with ease. It is due to this reason that people often prefer the use of the steroid as it has minimum side effects. In males, the point of concern is that it requires alarge dose of Anavar for the development of the muscles of the body. The steroidwas initially marketed in 1960 by the G.D Serle and company whichwere later discontinued. In later years the production is done by Savient under the name of Oxandrin and Watson company. Anavar is present in different sources for injectables and tablets which can be used according to the user’s convenience.

Effects that make it a good steroid

Oxandrolone contains a 17th alpha alkylation in astructure which makes it more resistant to degradation especially in the first passage through the liver. It is similar to the structure of the dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone in the body with a few modifications. It has been used medically for the treatment of different purposes that includes effects of prolonged corticosteroid treatment and osteoporosis. The use of Anavar leads to the development of the bone density and helps in the development of the bones and muscles of the children. The use of the anabolic leads to the inhibition of the glucocorticoid levels in the body along with an increase in the nitrogen retention in the body.

Availability in the market

Anavar like others of the same family of steroids is a restricted drug under the Schedule III controlled substance in the U.S. It is due to this reason that many people have to alternative ways to obtain it. Many people often turn to the online markets to get the best price of the steroid. Care should be taken while purchase as many users have reported instances that the pills do not contain the right amount of the substance. People often find that it contains substandard products or counterfeit. At times people use different sources for injectables and tablets to obtain the best effects of the Anavar use as the results differ from person to person.