Close relation between schizophrenics and optical illusions

Optical illusions can be utilized effectively in determining certain medical conditions like visual disabilities, schizophrenia and other mental disorders. There is a strong connection between the brain and the eye so people suffering from certain mental problems are more accurate in predicting the outcomes from an optical illusion test. The scientists and ophthalmologists have successfully explained the theory and have accepted the effectiveness of optical illusion tests to identify schizophrenics. However, there are mixed reviews from the public as many non-schizophrenics found accurate results by taking the test. That certainly does not prove them to be schizophrenic. So, there are doubts and glitches when it comes to accepting optical illusion test as a proper diagnosis technique for schizophrenia. The Mighty Optical illusions website recently published a blog related with the optical illusion test performed by the researchers’ team from London University.

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A group of scientists from LU made a startling discovery when they conducted a research on volunteers for an optical illusion test. The test involved black and white images of high contrast with the center portion sectioned away in low contrast. The true match for that section was put in a series of identical looking shapes with varying contrast levels. Common people often find this optical illusion test very difficult and are unable to find the true match. The results showed that 12 out the 15 schizophrenics could find a true match and were far more accurate than the non-sufferers. The explanation from the researchers was that the schizophrenic brain is less burdened with circumstantial information and hence has more visionary ability than that of others.

The schizophrenics might be unable to differentiate between fact and fiction, they might get confused between the real and the imaginary world, but they are less likely to be fooled by the optical illusions. This particular revelation can bring out great possibilities and opportunities in the diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia and similar mental disorders. The Mighty Optical illusions website contains various blogs and latest updates related with optical illusions. The site also contains several entertaining games, optical illusion tests, brain teasers etc. to attract common visitors. Researchers, ophthalmologists and medical students keep track of these blogs to stay updated with the recent discoveries and technologies in optical illusion field. The strong relation between schizophrenia and optical illusion makes it a common choice for the psychiatrists to follow these blogs and news to understand different behavioral patterns in the patients. So, follow this website and the social media pages to get adequate information about optical illusions.