Depression is the state in which the person has a low mood and aversion to the activity that can seriously affect thoughts, behavior, feelings, and sense of well being of a person. A depressed mood of a person is the normal temporary reaction to the events of the life such as the loss of some loved one. People in a depression may be notably anxious, sad or empty and they always feel hopeless, helpless, dejected or worthless.  It is very much important to cure depression as if it is not controlled it will lead a person to commit suicide also.  Depression can be cured by some of the very simple and Fun Mindfulness Exercises for the Adults, Teens, and Children.

Finger Breathing

This exercise is just like that of meditation but can also be done with the open eyes. All you have to do is just Start with the thumb of any of your hand on the index finger. As when you inhale just slide the thumb toward the tip of the finger and squeeze it and when you exhale just slide the thumb back down to the index finger. With the next breath, move on to the middle finger and repeat this continuously till the pinky finger and back to the index finger. Repeat this until you don’t get relaxed.

 simple and Mindfulness exercise for Adults, Teens, and children.

Feel the nature

The best mindfulness exercise is just going outside in nature and feels the nature and the environment. Go for a walk in a park or a green field. See the different type of trees, flowers birds, try to feel the air. This will help a lot to remove the stress from the mind

So these are some of the mindfulness games that will make you feel stress-free after a hectic time.

Mindful Eating

This exercise is considered as the mindfulness exercises for the groups and is sometimes also called the raisin exercise. It is one of the great exercises and is the great way to start. This exercise is best for the food lovers and can do this with any food. But it is recommended for picking something that is very friendly to the dietary –restrictions. Trying the fresh fruits will be the option. Berries are considered as the best way to go.


It is the best mental exercise to be performed and is the most useful exercise to recover from the Anxiety. Just sit in an area with no noise, close your eyes and try to concentrate on your breathing. Focus on how air is coming in and is going out. Practice this for 10 to 15 minutes. Meditation also helps in overall improvement and helps in increasing the concentration level also.