Some athletes, as we know it, use supplements in order to step-up their game and enhance physical performance. As a person desiring to enhance his wits, what is the most common and simplest way to do this? The answer – through the use of brain supplements.

 Before we head on as to how they can improve or enhance not just one’s mental ability but also his holistic being, let’s see first on what brain supplements are. These can actually be herbs or nutrients whose purpose is to enhance one’s clarity to think, be alert, have focus and concentration, to improve memory and even mood. Basically,these supplements focus more on improvement of one’s mind on the aspect of focus and concentration. Supplements tend to appear that they stimulate mental activity but they are actually not stimulants in the same way like caffeine affects the brain. Now, how do supplements act? They act as regulatory supplements on maintaining hormonal levels that affect your mood such as serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline.

In line with hormones, supplements are also able to lower down levels of cortisol and glutamate which are considered and known as stress-related neurotransmitters. Thus, giving a person better mood and a much lower tendency of feeling anxiety. Next is that it improves blood flow through vasodilation which is explained as the widening of the blood arteries and veins in order to improve the circulation of blood of a person. This can then contribute and help in lowering stress and it speeds up the uptake of oxygen in the brain which in turn helps in increasing nutrient absorption. All in all, it helps the person attain a better mood, lower stress, and easier relaxation. Aside from these, on the deeper side of the effects of supplements on one’s mental ability, supplements can also provide focus and concentration, thus, help a person in learning and solving different kinds of problems.

There are a lot of brain supplements out in the market today which takes on different forms and have different focuses when it comes to their effects to the brain. One example of this is the Piracetam. It is a famous study drug which, as mentioned before, can improve blood flow to the brain as well as increase acetylcholine which is the neurotransmitter responsible for and involved in one’s memory and learning. Nonetheless, supplements’ main focus is for the betterment of one’s mental ability as well as his holistic state.