Cancer is spread all over the world and the people on all the ages are getting affected by it. Cancer is nothing but mutation of cells, the development on certain region of the body gets increased, and it starts to affects the entire health. When it comes to cancer, there are numerous of cancers available and getting the proper treatment at the right time can helps you to extend your life time.  Still, there is no medication or treatments to cure them. People affected by the lung cancer are increased on the society. In this article, you will enlighten yourselves about lung cancer, its symptoms, causes and other necessary details about them.

Lung cancer is primarily starts on the lungs. As we know earlier, the lungs are nothing but two spongy organs located in the chest which helps them to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. People who smoke are the ones who subjected to the lung cancer majorly.

Symptoms of lung cancer:

In general, most of all the cancer types hardly show the symptoms and lung cancer is no exception. It is hard to sense that you are affected by lung cancer. Yet, there are few symptoms it posses. By monitoring them, you can guess the lung cancer. Those symptoms are listed as follows.

  1. Coughing up blood, it could be a very small amount but it is taken in count
  2. New cough that stays for longer for many days
  3. Shortness in the breath
  4. Pain on your chest
  5. Hoarseness
  6. Abnormal weight loss
  7. Bone pain
  8. Frequent headache

Types of lung cancer:

 Majorly, two types are available on the lung cancer. They are listed as follows.

  1. Small cell lung cancer
  2. Non small cell lung cancer

Cause of lung cancer:

There are numerous of things that subjects or increases the probability of lung cancer. Reducing those things on your life can saves you from smoking.

  1. Smoking
  2. Exposure to secondhand smoke
  3. Exposure to radon gas
  4. Family history of lung cancer
  5. Exposure to asbestos and other carcinogens

Prevention for lung cancer:

Like they said, prevention is better than cure. Following some preventive cares, it is possible to reduce your risk of getting the lung cancer. They are listed as follows.

  • Don’t smoke, if you have smoking habits it is better to stop smoking
  • Avoid secondhand smoke
  • Test your home for radon
  • Avoid carcinogens at work.
  • Eat a diet full of fruits and vegetables
  • Exercise most days of the week

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