The promise of Invisalign technology has touched on several patients to help them have a nicer set of teeth. They have superseded and overtaken what traditional braces can do, despite their costs and their sophistication. Think of yourself sporting an invisible brace just like you do not have it. This has been the idea behind Invisalign.

Looking at these two treatments, you can make various comparisons and note how one can differ from the other. However, based on how they function, there are several stories and features to tell. There are various parameters by which you can compare these two. From the perspective of these professionals, you can find out how treatments can get you through.

The Dynamics

Procedures such as Invisalign Philadelphia work in such a way that they use 3D technology in order to find out the areas that need to be solved, and from this, create a dental bracket that fits the patient. It is worn at the back of the teeth most of the time, and is clear and transparent without being noticed even from a very near distance.

Invisalign Philadelphia

Braces can be recognizable and have always been as a source of fashion as well, in the wrong avenues. Orthodontics has made it possible to provide both aesthetics and function through this formula. Invisalign braces are systems that are placed at the back of the teeth so they can be hidden and prevent speech defects in some patients that wear the traditional braces.


One of the greatest and most efficient features of Invisalign is how they can be removed when eating or drinking. The disadvantage of traditional braces lies on the fact that the patient finds it hard to brush on the parts in between the wires and the teeth, causing so much plaque to form. With Invisalign, everything can be normal even during meals. Plus, they can brush their teeth just like how they do it without these brackets.

Costs and Maintenance

It is rather great to find out the costs of these braces especially when it comes to spending and investing for them. Maintaining the Invisalign is also easier because they can be cleaned like dentures. It ensures proper function and sanitary measures among the patients.


It is important to know the best clinic to serve you this function. Today, since Invisalign is a newcomer in the field, there are still some clinics that may not offer them. It is important that you do some calls and find out whether they provide them for your needs.