If you think that you have a healthy mouth, then your gums should be fit tightly around each tooth. The minimum distance between the gum tissue and its attachment with teeth is generally one to two millimeters in depth. But if you have any periodontal diseases then it can create bigger spaces around your teeth which are called periodontal pockets. And if you leave this condition untreated, then it can lead to tooth loss. However, you can get rid of this problem with early diagnosis and proper treatment. For more info go through this site at https://www.GulfSidePerio.com.

How does a pocket can be form?

The bacteria in your mouth, create a sticky film of plaque basically around your gum area. If it can’t be cleared on a regular basis, then the plaque transfers into tartar which is more harden and it can’t be removed with just brushing. You may have to book an appointment with a dentist for a professional cleaning. The bacteria leave a toxin that influences the tartar to form continuously which can cause to gingivitis. The National Institute of Health says that the inflammation and swelling due to plaque and tartar are the main reasons behind the formation of a periodontal pocket. If you do professional clean up and then there will be more chances of forming further plaque or tartar. So, in this situation, you have to go to the dentist for determining the exact issue of this problem and a permanent treatment to cure it.


How can the periodontal diseases be cured?

When you are experiencing the symptoms or warning signs of gum disease such as bad breath, bleeding, redness and swollen gums, then immediately visit your dentist to examine the exact problem. After a beyond assessment of your gum tissue, your doctor can determine the pocket depth around each tooth with the help of periodontal probe. Tell him the details of what irritation you are feeling and from when. If that measurement shows that there is a gap of four millimeters or more, then there are biggest chances that there are some gum tissues detached from the tooth or there is the starting period of bone loss.

How to eliminate these pockets?

The first step that you should do is going for a scaling and root planning that is the professional cleanup of your mouth. By removing this plaque or tartar from your teeth or gum tissues, the gum and bones can be healing more quickly and the gum tissues will tighten around the tooth again. If you have no boneless then, this will be enough treatment for you. And if there are still deep periodontal pocket remain, then your doctor may suggest you for the surgical treatment to remove those things.

Periodontal pockets can be the biggest issue for your tooth loss and it can harm your total dental hygiene. For more information, you can check this at https://www.GulfSidePerio.com.