It is necessary to determine the beta cells over time to keep whether your body requires exogenous insulin or not. The beta cells should function properly when you follow a low-fat or whole-food diet. You can also combine adequate sleep and frequent exercise if you are trying to achieve non-diabetic blood glucose. You will not require any medications or insulin injection if you follow the proper medications. You are insulin resistant if you are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. If you take a C-peptide test, then the C-peptide value can be measured accurately. The oral diabetes medications can be used to avoid the unnecessary side effects. If you make some consistent changes in your diet, then you can get free from this one. You should consider some important factors if you want to avoid diabetic complications and lead a healthy life.

Movement patterns and diet:

The individuals who have Type 2 diabetes will require an insulin therapy after the diagnosis. The diagnostic results may sometimes allow the patients to be insulin resistant. The secretion of insulin can be reduced over a period by deteriorating the functions of the beta cells. Physical exercise should be combined along with your food diet.

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If the C-peptide value is high, then your body may produce more amount of insulin. You should modify your lifestyle in a way to make your body to be insulin resistance. The movement patterns and diet should be optimized if you want to reverse this one. Diabetic medications may not be required in some cases to control your blood glucose. The beta cells will be capable of manufacturing the required insulin with the indications of high C-peptide value.

Exhaustion of the beta cells:

You can eliminate the diabetic medications if you balance and monitor your diet. Adequate insulin production is mainly due to the indications of the medium C-peptide value. The beta cells should be prevented from exhaustion over time to maximize the sensitivity of the insulin. The beta cells may be permanently impaired in the low C-peptide test. Blood sugar can be controlled for the rest of your life with the help of exogenous insulin. The insulin is injected based on the C-peptide value if you have Type 2 diabetes. Majority of the patients with high C-peptide value can reverse the insulin resistance by modifying their lifestyle. The treatment for diabetes can be done effectively only if it is detected in the early stages. The insulin resistance can be increased to elevate the results of blood glucose.