Naming your child can be hard at the same time exciting. Some parents think of giving a unique name while others think of a common name that comes to your mind. As parents you should, think about it as your son or daughter will live with that name. Here we are going to talk about the name Mason, what does the name Mason mean and all its history behind the name.

Where does the name Mason come from?

The name Mason came from a German word “Macian” which means  “to make”. French later adopted the name and was called “Macon” and later was adopted by English and was called “Mason”.

In the earlier Medival period, Englishpeople were titled based on the occupation they practiced. Mason was the person who was expert in stone work. Hence every stone worker was title as Mason. Later with the pass of time, the name Mason shifted and became the first name.

What does the name Mason mean?

Mason pronounced as “May-son” is also spelt as “Masen”. As you have seen earlier, Mason means “to make” or “Stone worker”. Masons were considered anexpert in stone crafting with stones like marble, graphite, and travertine.

Bible reference:

The name Mason also has a biblical reference. According to the bible, Mason is called artificer of the stone. They were skilled in making a building out of stone. They were sent by Hiram, the King of Tyre to build and later maintain the house of David.


The name Mason is quite famous. In 2011, Mason was declared as a 2nd most popular name. It was not only popular in America and England, but also in Scotland and Australia. There is two main reasons as for why Mason became popular. First, the name Mason can go with almost any sir name. Mason also has been used as a middle name. Mason became more popular when few celebrities started naming their child Mason. For example, Kortney Kardashian named her son Mason, Kelsey Grammar named his daughter Mason to name a few.

Select the name you want your child to have. Some people do judge based on their name. But, all names for a child is good as long as you, as a parent love it. If you thinking of a unique name, then Mason is may not be the right option. Instead, you could think of the situation that you child is born like a special day. Some parents also add their initials to make a good name. What ever you decide, it will be a nice name as there is no good or bad name, rather it will be an unique name you child will hold onto, and it might become popular, you never know!