There is a procedure to every test. So is the case with hair follicle test as well. The very first step is to collect hair specimens from the individual who is being tested. The sample is either taken from the head hair and if not, then from body hair barring pubic hair. It is post collection that the samples are sent over to the forensic laboratories where they are tested to find out any traces of illegal substances. To get a detailed knowledge about various facts of hair follicle test and ways to beat the same check this link, This test has become very famous in the global world of employers and they are frequently adopting this hair follicle test as a means to screen job applicants as a part of the hiring process. Thus, it is of vital importance that you know How to pass a hair test in order to avoid any work related or legal issues and circumstance.

Best home hacks to beat it are as follows:


You first have to wash your hair with vinegar. Then the following step is to be washing off the hair with salicylic acid to get rid of all possible toxins and dirt that have a tendency to cling on to the strands of hair. The second step is also a mandate. Then after that proceed on to using a detergent to wash of the hair and rinse of post that, thoroughly. This is only full-proof to remove light marijuana metabolites from the hair.


This home hack to pass the hair follicle test is again effective only for light users of marijuana. It will not have any effect on cocaine users be it heavy or light consumption. You will get more information on home remedies, natural shields and even proven ways to battle out this test in So, do check this link. Add lemon juice in the overnight standing water and wash the hair with that mix. This is a good detoxifier.


The use of baking soda for the removal of substance metabolites from the cuticles of hair more than often works. The procedure is simple. First and foremost, you need to wash the hair with baking soda paste before you proceed to the shampooing stage. Thoroughly massage the paste of baking soda on the scalp. Obstruct all possibilities of toxin build up in the hair with this process. After shampooing, dilute a small quantity of apple cider vinegar in luke warm water and wash the hair with it.


There is potential detoxifier in sea salt. Thus, it can be used potentially to pass a hair test. The mineral contents in sea salt helps thoroughly clean the scalp as well as skin. Soak your hair in a sea salt bath for around 5 minutes and finish with shampooing.