Clenbuterol or Clen is a stimulant that belongs to the family of compounds called sympathomimetics. It is a board category of drugs and every compound of this family is related and carries numerous similarities and operates similarly. This drug is immensely popular among the athletes and the bodybuilders due to its fat burning properties. Even the celebrities and the common people use it to drop few pounds of weight. Its original use in the prescription drug market was in the form of a bronchodilator for treating breathing disorders like asthma. Moreover, it is also used medically for the treatment of conditions like hypertension, heart arrhythmia, cardiovascular shock, migraine headaches and anaphylactic shock.

This drug is commonly used in pre-contest, cutting and during fat-loss cycles. It is rarely used for bulking phase and during an off-season period. Though it is a powerful fat loss drug, yet it does not make an overweight physique lean. An individual needs to diet and exercise regularly to lose body fat. It is thermogenic in nature which means it enhances the metabolism rate and helps to burn fat at a very effective and efficient rate. The best time to use this drug is when the person is already lean. To know how much weight has been lost using it, suggests looking at the before and after pictures of Clen users.

The working mechanism

bodybuilding before and after

This drug has got stimulant properties and because of this, it can help to reduce weight and also enhances the performance of the bodybuilders. People who want to build muscle quickly and lose fat use this drug. The livestock animals are administered with it to increase the quantity of lean meat. It works for all users and the before and after pictures of the users provide good evidence. When it is used safely and regularly, the users enjoy benefits such as increased metabolism, fast fat burning, an increased muscle mass and an increased body temperature.

To achieve the fat burning properties of this drug, it is important to follow a proper diet. Include a healthy diet combined with exercise for noticeable results. It is always recommended to take this compound at the prescribed dosages to get the positive results with lesser side effects. More muscles and enhanced fat burning can be noticed if this medication is taken properly. If a user does not take it in appropriate dosages or for a prolonged period of time, side-effects are likely to occur. For the best results, use this drug for 2 weeks on followed by 2 weeks off period or alternately for 2 days on followed by 2 days off.

Positive reviews

The reviews of this drug say that this drug is extremely thermogenic in nature but not a magical fat loss drug. It helps to burn calories at an enhanced rate. This compound is anti-catabolic in nature, thus, it prevents muscle mass to degrade after weight loss. It is widely available and is legal to buy in the United States as a prescription is not required. A lot of reviews are found on the users’ forum about this stimulant. According to, it cannot be used non-stop because of its stimulating effects. Though it is not a dangerous drug but its abuse can be troublesome.