Many women ask this question whether they should rely on at home pregnancy test. The answer is a big YES! Several studies have proved that these tests are over 99% accurate, and they are reliable.

But yes, most of them claim accuracy when done on the first day of the missed period or earlier. Women should also note that results may either be a false negative or false positive for various other reasons than the test and kits itself.

Not all tests would have equal detection limits for the pregnancy hormone (hCG) in the urine while the results may also vary due to low levels of the hormone in the urine. In overall, at-home pregnancy tests are worth the hype and claims and you should definitely benefit from them.

Key things to know with at-home pregnancy tests

Women now feel empowered as they have a test to get confirmed about their pregnancy at home itself. They don’t have to rush to a doctor with every sign of being pregnant as they can now check themselves first at home and then take proper medical consolation. However, there are a few key things to know with these pregnancy tests, including –

  • You should first know how these test works and only they can you expect the most accurate results possible
  • These tests are reliable and start giving results from the start of pregnancy when the fetus is in the uterus
  • The test kits are created to detect in urine hCG, or, human Chorionic Gondotrophin hormone (produced by the fetus) to confirm about a pregnancy

home Pregnancy Tests

  • Naturally, the hormone will be detected only when someone is pregnant
  • The hormone levels will go up as the pregnancy progresses boosting the chances of detecting pregnancy
  • The hCG levels reach to its peak around 8-11 weeks before stabilizing to a lower level between 12-16 weeks
  • Test kits are created to detect hCG levels from as low as 10 to 25 mlU/ml to 100 mlU between 10 to 14 days past ovulation

When to take a pregnancy test?

Not all women are sure about when to take the test to confirm about their pregnancy. They can follow the manufacturer’s manual and guidance to get clarity over this vital issue. When to take a pregnancy test for good results will depend on many things, including –

  • All test kits are created to give accurate results when the test is done on the first day of the missed period
  • It’s also likely that a pregnant lady may be producing the hCG hormone before her period is due
  • Chances of getting an inaccurate result are higher if the test is done earlier than the first day of the missed period
  • Negative results happen in cases where the test is done when the hCH levels are yet to reach the level for detecting a pregnancy
  • All not positive results would go on and develop into a pregnancy for medical conditions

You however can check pregnancy test kit price and be rest assured of accurate results in most cases